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D3D RightMark Beta 3

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05.01.2004 - D3D RightMark Beta 3
E'disponibile D3D RightMark!!!!nuovo benchmark per misurare le potenzialitą di una scheda grafica

Scarica D3D RightMark

D3D RightMark Beta 3 released:
Open source code for shaders and benchmarking modules;
Latest DirectX 9 technologies;
Flexible and deep control of all benchmarking parameters;
Pixel Filling Test;
Geometry Processing Speed Test;
Hidden Surface Removal Test;
Pixel Shader Test;
Point Sprites Test;
Experimental State Profiling Test;
Wise choice of shaders - FFP, 1.X, 2.X and HLSL;
Updated DirectX 9 Shader Compiler;
Hardware feautures list (driver CAPS tree);
Intuitive shell with extensive batching facility;
Detailed HTML and XLS (Microsoft Office XP compatible) result reports;
Modular structure (new tests can be easily integrated into shell)

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