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Starting from this page you can get access to the download page of 3D-Analyze latest release. Besides you can read several tutorials on this utility, browse an archive featuring all the previous releases of 3D-Analyze, and gain access to our 3D-Analyze related forum. 3D-Analyze is a free downloadble third-party software developed by ToMMTi-Systems starting from 2002.

Latest 3D-Analyze Release - Details, Screenshot and Download
3D-Analyze is a free utility that provides emulation of hardware transform and lighting (T&L). So if your graphics subsystem doesn't support hardware T&L, most of transform and lighting calculations can be done on the cpu using 3D-Analyze...

Get 3D-Analyze Latest Release   

Repository of all 3D-Analyze Public Releases
If your hardware and software configuration brings out compatibility issues with the latest 3D-Analyze release, you can try to run a older version browsing a complete archive with all previous files...

3D-Analyze Archive   

Tutorials for installation and optimal setup of 3D-Analyze
You can read several tutorials in both english and italian languages that show you how to install and configure 3D-Analyze's main settings and explain the link among video cards generations and supported Microsoft DirectX versions...

3D-Analyze Tutorials   

Support and topics about 3D-Analyze and T&L games
You can share your experience with 3D-Analyze, read or write on your customized optimal settings for a specific game, and require help for troubleshooting at our 3D-Analyze forum...

3D-Analyze User Support   

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