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3dfx Hardware & Software

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3dfx Hardware & Software

We're long-time 3dfx fans and enthusiasts, and are proud to support any 3dfx fans and enthusiasts from any time and any place. Starting from this page you can get access to our free contents and files related to 3dfx hardware and software topics.

Who is 3dfx?

"3dfx Interactive is committed to shattering technological barriers to make 3D graphics more realistic and compelling. Our goal is to create new realities that are believable and immersive – to get closer with every new generation of graphics technology."
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3dfx Interactive Inc. proudly powered by - Hardware Zone 3dfx Hardware
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"Established in 1994 by graphics pioneers from such companies as Silicon Graphics, Digital Equipment Corporation, MIPS Computer Systems and Pellucid, 3dfx Interactive has kept its sights firmly set on delivering the world’s fastest 3D game performance at a price that makes it accessible to consumers."
3dfx Interactive Inc. proudly powered by
"With every generation of its award-winning graphics technology, 3dfx continually tackles the two critical factors of game performance: graphics quality/realism and interactivity. These two factors make games immersive, believable and fun."

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