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Release Notes | Ventoy 1.0.73

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Ventoy 1.0.73
  • A dialog will be popped up when you click install button if Ventoy already installed in the disk. Then you must enter YES in the text box manually to confirm the installation.
  • If the ISO file name is too long to displayed completely. You can press left or right arrow keys to scroll the menu.
  • Add F5 Tools --> Power --> Reboot to EFI setup menu in UEFI mode, (reboot to UEFI BIOS Setup).
  • Add F5 Tools --> Hardware Information menu.
  • We can set menu tip position and color for per-theme.
  • Prevent DLL search order hijacking for Ventoy2Disk.exe/VentoyPlugson.exe/VentoyVlnk.exe.
  • Fixed a bug that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT option does not take effect for Manjaro/Arch.
  • vtoyboot-1.0.21 release.
  • languages.json update
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