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Release Notes | Prime95 30.7 build 2 - Linux 64-bit

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Prime95 30.7 build 2 - Linux 64-bit
  • Better prime pairing in stage 2 of ECM/P-1/P+1. This usually results in slightly better stage 2 timings or less memory used. Save file formats changed - upgrading to 30.7 while ECM/P-1/P+1 work is in stage 2 will result in stage 2 being restarted from scratch.
  • P-1 converted to use P+1 style stage 2. From the users perpective there is no difference.
    Internally a modular inverse is required at stage 2 init, but there is one multiplication saved for every D-block processed. For all common P-1 cases, this is a little faster.
  • ECM/P-1/P+1 no longer use a bit map for prime pairs. Instead a compressed pairing map is created to save memory. For large B2 values this also results in fewer calls to generate pairing maps. It also makes stage 2 save files smaller.
  • Some minor changes in AVX-512 FFT crossovers. ECM/P-1/P+1 all changed to rollback to the last save file and switch to a larger FFT size should an excessive roundoff error be encountered.
  • Support for asymmetric processor architectures such as Intel's Alder Lake.
  • Torture test dialog now asks for number of cores to test along with a "Use hyperthreading" checkbox. Previously, the dialog box asked for total number of torture threads to execute.
  • Versions 30.4/30.5/30.6 were underestimating the cost of P-1 stage 2 relative to P-1 stage 1.
    Expect this version to use lower stage 2 bounds in P-1.
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