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Release Notes | SystemRescueCd 8.03

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In this page we post the official release notes and changelogs related to SystemRescueCd 8.03, if and as software developers make available these. However, if you need more info on SystemRescueCd 8.03, or relases notes are not available yet, you can always consider to read its description as well.

SystemRescueCd 8.03
  • Updated kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-5.10.34
  • Fixed boot from NTFS file systems (#194) (Marcos Mello)
  • Fixed package repositories configuration on i686 (#188) (Marcos Mello)
  • Fixed services order to make option “nofirewall” reliable (Gerd v. Egidy)
  • Added gsmartcontrol (hard disk drive and SSD health inspection tool)
  • Added xfburn (a simple CD, DVD and Blu-ray burning utility)
  • Dropped joe (package removed upstream)
  • Updated gparted to version 1.3.0
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