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Release Notes | Wipe 2020.12

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Wipe 2020.12
As usually, this update includes great new function, many bug fixes and we have added even more areas for cleanup!

  • Added new function: all newly supported apps will be marked by green image "new", thus you can easily find them in the list.
  • Added support for cleaning temporary files, cache, logs and other garbage for the following apps: Content Delivery Manager, DB Browser for SQLite, FileZilla, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Microsoft Office Hub, Microsoft Your Phone.
  • Added new area (you will see new checkbox) for cleaning in Windows: D3DSCache.
  • Added link to report any issues.
  • Improved interesting statistics. We have added this function in recent release and link to it is available on the main screen of our application.
  • Improved cleaning in all metro apps (added more areas in various logs section).
  • Improved temporary storage, we no longer using system's temp folder, instead of it we have our own, which have less campatibility problems and security issues.
  • Fixed small issue with OneNote and Ookla Speed Test.
  • Fixed several small, but annoying bugs.
  • Fixed issue when the app image during cleanup was bigger that it should be.
  • Fixed issue when you see "update" notification on Windows OS startup, even when you have newest version installed.
  • Fixed issue with "permission denied" error when third-party security software blocks access for our app.
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