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+ add: options "statusbar_nnnn" support new macro {selchars} - total number of selected characters
+ add: option "mouse_click_links"
+ add: option "max_line_len_for_accurate_width"
+ add: open URLs and e-mails (with and without "mailto:") by double-click
+ add: open URLs starting with "www." and "ftp."
+ add: optimizations for "dynamic highlightings" code
+ add: switch ui tabs by Shift+wheel
+ add: Wiki topic:
+ add: Wiki topic:
+ add: API to show button on sidebar's bottom without loading the plugin
* change: replaced 3 rarely needed options "unprinted_xxxx_scale" with single option "unprinted_symbols_scale"
* change: ui tabs: mouse wheel scroll step is now 20% of width
* change: toolbar button "Sort" was removed. It gave the same commands as "Plugins / Sort" but it had only 5 of all 20 commands.
- fix: plugin "Open URL" didn't catch double-click sometimes (thanks @Jairo-Martinez)
- fix: folding icon on gutter did not work in some cases
- fix: Project Manager cannot open files in binary viewer sometimes
- fix: Project Managet cannot open recent projects
- fix: regex search bug with regex like "[.-]test" (thanks @SlMaker)
- fix: lexer PHP: several fixes for code-tree and folding
- fix: incorrect caret pos in long lines (len>500) with CJK chars (thanks @larrylau)
- fix: bug from 1.99, file can be loaded from session without lexer set

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