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Release Notes

Personal Backup
- New:
- Cleanup: Option to delete as many of the oldest files until a settable volume is reached

- Changes:
- Additional hints for backup destination (type, available space) in the control panel
- Context menu for tasks with option to display all files to be saved (only on diff./inc.)
- Display of help via taskbar menu
- PbPlaner: Logon type query changed from "interaktiv" to "batch"

- Bug fixes:
- Error handling in Restore, Verify and Cleanup
- External programs: returned exit codes > 255
- FTP: differentiation of lower/upper case of filenames
- Restore: error in dialog to change the time comparison tolerance of timestamps
- Backup: alternative name for temp. file if a directory of the same name already exists
- Interactive disabling a subsequent action during backup

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Size: 16.23MB Announcement

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