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Release Notes

EZ CD Audio Converter 9.0
  • Codecs
    • FLAC 1.3.3
    • New DSD encoders
      • DSF (DSD Stream File) encoder
      • DFF (DSDIFF) encoder
    • Updated DSD decoders (DSD-to-PCM converters)
      • Improved low-pass filter; remove DSD high-frequency noise beyond 30kHz more aggressively
      • Updated DSF (DSD Stream File) decoder
      • New DFF (DSDIFF) decoder
      • New DFT (DSDIFF) decoder
    • Fast seeking support for DSD decoders
      • Fast conversion from .dsf/.dff Cue Sheet audio disc images
  • Metadata
    • Added support for DSDIFF (.dff) metadata
    • Improved support for DSD Stream File (.dsf) metadata
  • Audio Engine
    • Support direct DSD to DSD conversion (bit-to-bit lossless conversion between DSD audio file formats)
    • Support DSD to DSD conversion via DXD if changing sample rate or modifying audio data with DSPs
  • Cover Art
    • Cover Art thumbnails are now shown in native aspect ratio (previously scaled to square)
    • Resize Cover Art with custom resolution
    • Keep aspect ratio when resizing Cover Art
    • Option to disable embedded Cover Art in output options
    • Updated Amazon Cover Art search
      • High resolution Cover Art is available again
      • Amazon query responds more reliably
  • User interface
    • Indicate PCM/DXD/DSD data conversion mode when converting to DSD
    • Added 'Select all', 'Clear list', and 'Create M3U' buttons to the Audio Converter (available when the File Explorer is hidden)
    • Handle YEAR (DATE) tag as a string (not a number) in advanced metadata editor
    • More editing space for the YEAR (DATE) tag, so that date in format '2019-09-07' fits into the visible field
    • Use Cover Art as file icon in the Audio Converter file list
  • Audio CD Ripper
    • Show UPC/EAN in the track list
    • UPC/EAN, Pre-Gaps, ISRC values in the ripping log
    • UPC/EAN, Pre-Gap, Pre-emphasis ISRC detection status in the ripping log
    • Pre-emphasis consistency check (TOC vs Subcode) in the ripping log
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