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Release Notes

Wipe 18.03
This release includes few very interesting changes, we still work to keep our program up to date, so the cleaning will be effective even with newest versions of third-party programs.
  • In the previous release we let you choose color of the interface of our program, but we forgot to add additional button to reset that color to defaults in case everything will go crazy. Now its fixed. You will find another new button in the settings area to reset color of the program to default.
  • Added support for browser FireFox 70 (future version).
  • Added support for browser Chrome 78 (future version).
  • Added support for browser Opera 64 (future version).
  • Added support for browser Comodo Dragon 77 (future version).
  • Updated support for browser PaleMoon.
  • Updated support for browser Vivaldi.
  • Updated support for browser Yandex.
  • Updated support for Adobe Flash Player.
  • Removed few very small bugs in the interface.
  • Date of release: 11 September 2019.
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