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Release Notes

jv16 PowerTools X
Bug Fixes

Fix: The Initial Setup may fail with an error message "Stack Overflow" on some systems.
Fix: On some systems, especially if a lot of installed software, the Initial Setup can take over 10 minutes to complete or it can freeze entirely.
Fix: The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer may show an "Access Violation" error message during the scan.
Fix: The user interface may flicker or elements inside the user interface can jump around while the software is starting or when a tool is starting.
Fix: The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer may freeze up and never complete on some systems.

Feature Improvements

Improvement: Greatly improved the overall smoothness of the user interface and its response time.
Improvement: The Initial Setup will now run up to 50% faster than previously.
Improvement: The progress bar of the Initial Setup now moves smoother and better shows the actual progress of the process.
Improvement: Greatly improved the accuracy of the Software Uninstaller's ability to find the installed software and leftovers from the system.
Improvement: Added new safety mechanisms to protect the user against false positive detections by the Most Aggressive scan mode of the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer.
Improvement: Improved the compatility of the software with many popular third party software such as Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Office and Adobe products.
Improvement: Since this build contains many important stability and usability related fixes, we are offering a new 60 day trial period. Even if you have tried jv16 PowerTools before, install this version and you will get a new, free 60 day trial period!

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