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Release Notes

Kerio Control Firewall 9.2.8 build 3061
* Limit Bandwidth Per Host
* Optimize Application Awareness memory footprint
* Reconfigure Kerio AV to optimize memory usage
* Kerio VPN new encryption protocol AES
* Kerio VPN Client supports the new protocol
* Force hostname for VPN clients
- Fixed: Accessing User and Groups crashes WebAdmin on IE11
- Fixed: User Statistics not getting updated
- Fixed: Installation of VPN Client fails on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64-bit Desktop version
- Fixed: No traffic over VPN after enabling 2FA on iPhone running iOS 11.4.1
- Fixed: Kerio VPN 2-Step Verification Unable to resolve hostname
- Fixed: Filtering Web Content by word occurrence returns broken HTML
- Fixed: User details not getting updated in Active hosts

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