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Release Notes | Passmark BurnInTest Professional 9.0 build 1012

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Passmark BurnInTest Professional 9.0 build 1012
  • Added outputting of PCIe statistics to trace activity level 1 log once per cycle
  • Fixed a bug where saved report defaults (technician, customer, serial etc) could be cleared when the current results were cleared
  • Made a change to the CPU heat test so that the SSE2 heat test checks for AVX CPU support as well as some AVX instructions being used (which caused a crash on old CPUs like the Core 2 Quad 6600)
  • Fixed an issue with the TPM test where V2 TPMs might not be found correctly and throw a "self test failed" error
  • Added a new error to the TPM test if the self test command is blocked by the operating system
  • Fixed an issue in the DX12 3D test where if an error occurred during the render process it previously might not be displayed until the 3D cycle finished. Now an error will be flagged when the error occurs and the test will stop running.
  • Changed behaviour of scrolling letter 2D test so it will continue to run when not in the foreground
  • Added technician and customer details to management console connection message
  • Changed editing of report details so when technician or customer is changed any current connection to the management console will be restarted (starting a new management console session)
  • Increased size limit of system information details fields sent to management console
  • Increased number of system information items sent to the management console from 16 to 25
  • Fixed some possible array overflows that could cause a crash when generating the management console connection message
  • Started signing installer with SHA256
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