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Release Notes | System Spec 3.11

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System Spec 3.11
This is an important new release of System Spec. I have improved the internal working for the way it displays and manages the different categories of system information. I have fixed a few bugs including the annoying bug of Windows 10 machines being reported as either 8 or 6.2.

I have added a new icon at the beginning of the tool bar labelled menu. This opens up the menu tab which contains all the same icons that are displayed on the tool bar. This menu will replace the tool bar for accessing the different categories of information. It can be filter at the top of the screen to make it easier to find things. This screen will allow me to add many many more groups of information as I think of them as it is not limited for space as the main tool bar is. For this release I have left the section icons on the main tool bar but they will be removed in future releases if user like the new menu.
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