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Release Notes

ShareX 12.2.0
  • Added new image editor / region capture keybinds:Image editor
  • Ctrl + S Save image
  • Ctrl + Shift + S Save image as…
  • Ctrl + Shift + C Copy image to clipboard
  • Ctrl + U Upload image
  • Ctrl + P Print image
  • Drawing tools
  • R Rectangle
  • E Ellipse
  • F Freehand
  • L Line
  • A Arrow
  • O Text (Outline)
  • T Text (Background)
  • S Speech balloon
  • I Step
  • B Blur
  • P Pixelate
  • Other tools
  • C Crop image
  • You can see all available key bindings on this page:
  • Holding Ctrl will ignore shape intersection; that way you can, for example draw a rectangle inside another rectangle without selecting it
  • Added draggable custom scroll bar to the image editor, which automatically hides when the image is fully inside the window (by @L1Q)
  • Added gradient text color support to image editor “Text (Outline)” tool
  • Added confirmation message box for unsaved changes when user closes the image editor by pressing title bar close button, Esc key or Right click
  • When pasting image, inserting image file or inserting image from screen, show insert image dialog which allows automatically expanding canvas to bottom or right side and inserting image there
  • Allow to hide or show magnifier with mouse wheel, for example you can Mouse wheel down until magnifier disappear and Mouse wheel up to show it back
  • Image editor will stop rendering when it’s out of focus to reduce unnecessary CPU usage
  • Added Enter and Esc key support to image editor dialogs
  • Added recent colors support to color picker which remembers last used 32 colors for quick selection
  • Screen color picker now shows current color sample in a rectangle next to its value
  • Added screen color picker support to image editor color picker
  • Added Ukrainian language support (by @6c6c6)
  • Added Indonesian language support (by @Nicedward)
  • Added show “Edit with ShareX” button in Windows Explorer context menu option to “Application settings window -> Integration tab”
  • Added support to escape custom uploader argument and header patterns with \
  • Support referrer and user-agent headers in custom uploaders
  • Added Cloudflare DNS to DNS changer tool
  • Added Firebase Dynamic Links URL shortener (by @matthewburnett)
  • Added YouTube file uploader (by @SupSuper)
  • Tip: There is no specific destination type for videos but you can use uploader filters to force files with video extensions to upload to desired destinations like this
  • Added Google Cloud Storage file uploader (by @matthewburnett)
  • Updated OneDrive uploader to Microsoft Graph API, this change allows using OneDrive for Business and uploading higher size files (by @SupSuper)
  • Note: If you were using OneDrive destination, you need to re-authenticate
  • Added Wasabi endpoint to Amazon S3 endpoints list
  • Added Azure Storage custom upload path support (by @Lego6245)
  • Added Azure Storage $root container support (by @Lego6245)
  • Container name won’t be appended to Azure Storage custom domain automatically anymore, can be added manually to custom domain section if needed
  • Removed auto container creation from Azure Storage upload to decrease upload time
  • Added URL preview to Azure Storage tab to make configuring easier
  • Removed GitHub gist anonymous upload support because it is deprecated
  • Removed Google URL shortener because it is deprecated
  • Removed Dropfile, Pastee and CoinURL
  • Added after capture task “Scan QR code” (requires image to be saved as file)
  • Added “Ask for confirmation when aborting screen recording” option (by @stuntguy3000)
  • Added upload image button to image effects window
  • Added selective color image effect which allows making two color images
  • Added color option to canvas image effect
  • Added sides option to auto crop image effect
  • High DPI improvements for UI (by @SupSuper)
  • When ShareX is updating, setup will be run with \UPDATE parameter which makes sure that the setup will not apply initial tasks again such as creating desktop shortcut or context menu entries (by @sylveon)
  • Added option to replace non-unreserved characters by underscores (by @sylveon)
  • If pre-release updates checkbox is checked then dev build install button will show up
  • Added upload file and edit image context menu buttons to history and image history windows
  • Added hotkey repeat limit option (Application settings -> Advanced tab)
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