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Release Notes

Windows Firewall Control
  • Removed: 'Auto receive updates' functionality was removed from Connections Log, as it consumes a lot of resources and make the entire application unresponsive.
  • Improved: The Properties dialog layout was updated so that it can fit better on low resolutions.
  • Improved: When opening Rules Panel, the default focused element is now the search box.
  • Improved: The search string from Rules Panel will not be cleared anymore when refreshing the data grid or when changing the filters.
  • Fixed: When Secure Profile is enabled, firewall rules created for executable files located on mounted drives do not apply anymore. The user has to switch manually the profile so that Windows Firewall will refresh the existing firewall rules.
  • Fixed: When the activation dialog is displayed, the Main Panel is displayed always on top.
  • Fixed: When the vertical scroll bar is visible in toolbox in the Rules Panel and Connections Log windows, the border on the right side is missing.
  • Fixed: When an item is selected in the notifications exceptions list, the foreground color is hard to read.
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