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Prime95 29.4 build 8
1) GIMPS has a new sub-project -- finding (probable) prime Mersenne cofactors. This sub-project has two parts: 1) Running PRP tests, and 2) Finding additional factors. To support this new sub-project there are three new work preferences: PRP on Mersenne cofactors, PRP double-checking on Mersenne cofactors, ECM on Mersenne cofactors.

2) Like LL tests, PRP tests now support shift counts to aid in running double-checks. Shift counts are only supported for Mersenne numbers and Mersenne cofactors.

3) PRP tests now support a type of low overhead error checking that almost guarantees correct results even on flaky hardware. We call this Gerbicz error-checking after it was proposed by Robert Gerbicz at This error-check only works for base-2 numbers.

4) Because PRP tests are highly reliable, we now offer the option to do PRP tests instead of Lucas-Lehmer primality tests. There are 3 new work preferences similar to LL work preferences: first-time PRP tests, world record PRP tests, PRP tests on 100 million digit numbers, and PRP double-checking. If you are looking for a 100 million digit prime, PRP testing is recommended rather than LL testing.

5) For non-base-2 PRP tests, there is a new option to run each iteration twice and rollback if a mismatch occurs. Useful only on flaky hardware due to the obvious high overhead.

6) Minor performance tweaks were made to stage 1 of P-1. Save files are incompatible in stage 1. Wait for your P-1 test to reach stage 2 before upgrading.

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