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Release Notes

UltraMon 3.4.0
New in this release

Improved support for Windows 10:
  • UltraMon window buttons now match the look of the native window buttons
  • taskbar extensions such as removing the start button or hiding a taskbar work correctly
  • maximizing applications to the desktop works correctly on systems with different DPI settings for each monitor
  • compatibility settings can be configured for UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps such as Calculator, Sticky Notes or Movies & TV
  • COM objects used by scripts have better support for UWP apps, for example Window.GetAppWindows no longer includes dummy UWP windows, and Window.ProcessExe returns the real executable for UWP apps instead of the host application (ApplicationFrameHost.exe for example)
New registry setting to disable use of UltraMonUiAcc.exe: UltraMonUiAcc.exe is used to add window buttons etc to applications running with elevated privileges, but on some systems may fail to launch with the error message 'A referral was returned from the server'. As a workaround, run regedit.exe, then go to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtime Soft\UltraMon\ and set the UseUiAcc value to zero. Fixed issues
  • When changing taskbar configuration settings via UltraMon Options > Taskbar Extensions, the dialog may hang after hitting OK
  • Move Mouse hotkeys don't work if the active application is an elevated application (runs as administrator), for example RegEdit
  • Maximized Office 2016 applications don't have UltraMon window buttons on secondary monitors if secondary taskbars are disabled
  • Window buttons cause problems with Sticky Notes on Windows 10, and it's not possible to disable them for the application via UltraMon Options > Compatibility without disabling buttons for File Explorer windows as well
  • Display Settings may not show a disabled monitor if it only has a single display mode available
  • UltraMon taskbar doesn't get hidden for fullscreen Internet Explorer window
  • When switching Firefox or Chrome to fullscreen mode, the UltraMon taskbar doesn't get hidden, you need to click on the taskbar then on the application to hide it
  • When reconnecting to a VMware View session, open application windows get resized (height gets reduced) when the Smart Taskbar is enabled
  • Mirroring doesn't get stopped if a monitor gets turned off or disabled via Display Properties
  • Wallpaper: portrait-oriented image may be shown in landscape orientation
  • Scripting: Utility.Run can't launch DDE application which hasn't set the application or topic values in the registry
  • Scripting: System.DockedAppBars contains fake appbars and uses Start as name for secondary taskbars on Windows 8 and later
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