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Release Notes

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility
Defect Fixes:

1. 1604273521 [XTU] [SKL] MSI is reported XTU not launching on the Z170 + SkyLake-S CPU + KabyLake RC codebase BIOS system.

2. 1604247740 Dell has reported that -We are unable to successfully load & apply XTU profiles created from previous version of XTU

3. 1208254270 [HEDT] [XTU] - Service programs IA_RATIO_OVERRIDE on Start without User Consent to Overclock

4. 1604279821 [Dell] [XTU] Dell has reported system is getting hanged when failed profile is applied in presence of WDT

5. 1604279839 [Dell] [XTU] Dell has reported system is overclocked by XTU when system is reset to default from BIOS.

6. 1405326219 Supermicro XTU: Need XTU Control ID's defined and Spec'd by Intel

7. 1604253485 [XTU] Monitor ID mismatch in code and BWG

8. 1604242682 [XTU] [KBL] On KBL, CPU fan Speed monitor is visible in default monitors

9. 1604294018 [XTU] [KBL] Few realtime controls are not retained on system reboot.

10. 1604295508 [XTU] RSR control should be visible in Skylake.

Know Issues:

11. New exported profile are not getting imported in the older version of the XTU.

12. If Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is upgraded, system need a restart to uninstall the build

13. MEI driver on windows 7 system requires "KMDF 1.11 update for Win7"

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