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Release Notes

PeaZip 6.0.1
Pea 0.54, implementing new PEA file format specifications 1.1 version
added support to SHA-3 256 and 512 bit hash
added support to Twofish and Serpent (128 and 256 bit) based authenticated encryption in EAX mode
new pea binary can read PEA 1.0 file format
previous pea binaries should be updated in order to read PEA 1.1 files, and to support all new algorithms
(Linux) Updated p7zip from 15.09 beta to 15.14

Updated following units from Wolfgang Ehrhardt's crypto and utilities library:,,,
Created new EAX units using 128 and 256 bit Twofish (fcryptt, fctf256) and Serpent (fcrypts, fcsp256)

Introduced support for SHA-3 256 and SHA-3 512 hash verification
SHA-3 hash is available both in file tools "Checksum/hash file(s)" and in browser (set in Options > File Tools)
Various fixes and improvements

New "File" group in archiving/extraction context menu shows bookmarked and recent archive files, for quick adding to archiving/extraction layout
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