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Windows Firewall Control
  • New: Secure Rules was extended to allow two possible actions when handling unauthorized rules: delete or disable. All the rules that will be automatically disabled will be moved in a new predefined group named 'Unauthorized Rules'. The user can now review these rules in Rules Panel.
  • Fixed: Customize and allow does not work in Connections Log from the toolbox button or from the context menu. It works only on double click.
  • Fixed: Connections Log menu item is enabled in the system tray context menu if the service is not started.
  • Fixed: The IP set in the rule named "WFC - Windows Firewall Control Updater" needs to be updated to the new website IP which is now
  • Improved: The timeout for checking for new updates was increased from 3 seconds to 10 to in order avoid connection timeout result.
  • Improved: The predefined group names which can't be removed are now grayed out in the Authorized groups list. Added tooltip for the new authorized group text box to inform the user about the @ wildcard that can be used for Windows 10 apps rules.
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