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Release Notes | NTLite

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  • Unattended: Dual architecture mode (useful for AIO with 32 and 64-bit)
  • Components: Manual Setup and Network Map compatibility options
  • General: Win10 RS1 build 14279 support
  • General: Isolated WIM image Post-Setup and runonce update install support
  • Components: EVR split from Media Foundation
  • Post-Setup: VBS and MSP file support
  • Components: Proximity was needed for Windows Store Components-Win7: Mail was needed for People Near Me
  • Components-Win10: WiFi Sense was crashing Manage Wireless Networks
  • Unattended: Server edition UI language wasn’t being detected
  • Updates-Win7: Post-SP1 language pack integration was being skipped
  • Tweaks-Win7: Hide libraries wasn’t working on Win7
  • Features: Save full checklist in the preset
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