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Release Notes | IsoBuster 3.6

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IsoBuster 3.6
IsoBuster 3.6 is ready and available for download. Aside from a few critical bug fixes and a ton of improvements there is also a lot of new functionality again. Such as support for the Linux EXT file system, which is a very popular file system that is also used a lot in embedded systems, NAS drives, TVs, Setup boxes, Recorders etc. However, there is also support for High Sierra, GameCube, Rimage and so on. On top of this IsoBuster detects a wide range of new file systems for their presence (JFS, ZFS, BFS, RomFS, SquashFS, BtrFS, CramFS, ReFS, ...). This way investigators can immediately see if a partition or volume hides another file system. I hope you enjoy this new version and you should definitely upgrade if you have an older version, to benefit from the bug fixes etc.

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