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Release Notes | Unreal Engine 4.7

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Unreal Engine 4.7
Projects of any type will benefit from the new features and upgrades in this release! We've made massive improvements across the engine in 4.7, and in particular, we've enhanced support for large worlds, introduced highly realistic foliage rendering, and created an entire new in-world Blueprint workflow that makes it easier than ever to prototype gameplay. Tons of usability advancements, feature additions and fixes, and a huge focus on stability improvements round out this release.

Major New Features

UE4 now supports packaging and deploying your project to HTML5 with a single click, so you can now take advantage of WebGL directly through the binary tools. Easily share a working build of your project with collaborators at any time, or ship your project entirely through the Web without the need to use plugins!

Actor Composition Workflow
With 4.7 components can be added to actors right in the level viewport! This "drag-n-drop" style of creating your game objects is both intuitive and much faster for initial prototyping - plus, once you've built something it's easy to promote it to a standalone Blueprint for use everywhere. Open Worlds

We’ve focused on greatly increasing the viability of creating large worlds with UE4, with improvements on workflow, performance, and rendering fidelity. Environments upwards of a 100km^2 are supported now with even more improvements here planned in future releases!

Play in VR
UE4 has always had great support for the latest VR devices, and with 4.7 we’ve improved this even more by making it a single click to play your project on your device. It’s really that simple now!

Mobile Development Love!
With this release you can now deploy your project to both Android and iOS, from both OS X and Windows PC. There’s also the in-editor mobile preview that lets you see almost exactly what your project will look like on device - without actually having to deploy!

Hot Reload...Everything!
The editor already automatically reloads your freshly compiled C++ classes on the fly, and we’ve now included this same behavior for all content files. Update a texture (or any other asset) and see the changes automatically re-import, no more manual steps required!

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