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Release Notes | Windows Firewall Control

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Windows Firewall Control
  • New: Added new columns in Manage Rules for Edge Traversal and ICMP settings. These columns are hidden by default. They can be displayed in the data grid but they can not be modified from the Properties dialog.
  • Fixed: Edge Traversal and ICMP setting are not preserved when duplicating a rule from Manage Rules data grid. The same applies to the scenario when a partial policy is imported from a file which contains such firewall rules.
  • Fixed: Rules with no Group defined or with a custom Group are deleted when a rule is duplicated and the "Disable the ability of other programs to add firewall rules" is enabled.
  • Fixed: The group name is saved with the English name if the user modifies a rule which is located in a default Windows Firewall group.
  • Fixed: IP ranges without CIDR notation are not recognized as valid when modifying a rule. For example this was considered invalid:
  • Fixed: The icons for context menu items in Connections Log and New Rules Wizard are highlighted even if the menu items are disabled.
  • Fixed: A new notification for svchost.exe is not displayed if a block rule for svchost.exe for 'Any' protocol does exist. This prevents the notification for Windows Update if the recommended rule for Windows Update does not exist.
  • Fixed: Search does not return valid results if the Program is set to All programs.
  • Improved: The searh function was extended to find results in the following columns: Name, Program, Group, Local Ports, Local Addresses, Remote Ports, Remote Addresses. Example: The user can search for '80' to see the rules defined for this port.
  • Improved: Added "Jump to rules" shortcut in the Connections Log toolbox and the other entries were added in the context menu.
  • Improved: Moved 'User created rules' from Display combo box to Filter combo box. This allows filtering by inbound/outbound for user created rules. User created rules are considered the rules with the group name 'Windows Firewall Control' or 'Temporary Rules'.
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