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Release Notes

PassMark WirelessMon 4.0 build 1008
  • Added support for the newest version of the MetaGeek Wi-Spy DBx
  • Added support for connecting to hidden networks when SSID is known
  • Added support for sending security passphrase from WirelessMon during the connection process in Vista/7/8 rather than requiring windows to display the key entry dialog in the system tray.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing connection to access points when specifying a MAC address
  • Changed behaviour where if an access point was set to use WEP/WEP64 WirelessMon was displaying WEP-104/WEP128. This is due to observed behaviour in Windows Vista/7 that only WEP (key of any length length) is reported by Windows (not WEP-40 or WEP-104) no matter what WEP setting is used in the router. Now WirelessMon will only display "WEP" unless extra information is available.
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