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Release Notes

RegSeeker 2.5
  • New: Introducing Windows 8 support (beta)
  • New: AppInit_DLLs added in Startup entries (usually should be empty except for anti-virus)
  • New: Add Firefox support for Junk files
  • New: Junk files: option '-recurse' after path\files to recursively list the files. For ex: d: \dev\*.bak -recurse will list all .bak files in all d: \dev subdirs
  • New: Junk files editor: browse for a folder button. Full path will be auto-modified with the matching variable
  • New: Junk files editor: rule color: gray=disable, red=invalid path, blue=recurse
  • New: Junk files editor: option to open the path with a right-click on a rule
  • New: Junk files editor: Auto-select rules button
  • New: Recent files list: counter options, see recentfiles.ini
  • New: Add Junk files option to Auto-Clean panel
  • Improved: Invalid extensions detection (Registry Cleaner)
  • Improved: More StreamMRU cleaning (Registry)
  • Improved: Backup list sorted by date by default (most recent on top of list)
  • Improved: Estimated size for application list
  • Improved: PC System Information panel
  • Other: Command prompt context menu tweak (1 normal and 1 elevated) for Vista and above
  • Other: Fix Remove arrow on shortcuts tweak
  • Other: Some minor UI changes
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