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Release Notes | Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Demo 1.0

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Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Demo 1.0

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation PC requirements



Pentium Class 266 MHz or 100% compatible processor



Pentium Class 233 MHz or 100% compatible processor
Windows 95 or Windows 98
Direct X 6.1
4MB SVGA card
100% Windows 95 or Windows 98 compatible sound and video card


Pentium Class 266 MHz (or greater) compatible processor
32 MB RAM (or greater)
3D acceleration highly recommended (100% Direct 3D compliant accelerator cards supported)

NOTE: It may be necessary for you to update your hardware drivers to run this game.


DOUBLECLICK the tlrdemo.exe to begin the installation. Here you can
specify where you'd like the demo installed. Default installation
directory is:


Once the demo has been installed, doubleclick the SETUP.EXE to setup
your sound/video options.

Doubleclick the TOMB4.EXE to start the demo.

To exit the demo select EXIT DEMO from the Main Menu. To exit during
gameplay, hit "P" to pause the game, return to the Title Screen and
select EXIT.

Select CONTROL CONFIGURATION from OPTIONS to remap your keys.

Up directional arrow = makes Lara run forward (makes her walk when shift key is held down at the same time)

Down directional arrow = makes Lara hop backwards (makes her step backwards when shift key is held down at the same time)

Left & right directional arrows = Makes Lara turn in respective directions (makes her sidestep when shift key is held down at the same time)

ALT = Jump (Lara can jump in any direction when used ALT is used w/ directional keys) The ALT button also makes Lara swim while in water.

END = Forward Roll (also works underwater)

SPACEBAR = Draw/holster weapons

CTRL = action (shoot, move block, throw switch, climb poles, etc)

INS = look (Lara can look in various directions when INS is used w/ the directional keys)

ESC = Brings up inventory. Items can be combined while in the in the inventory section.

> = crouch (Lara will crawl when ">" is used with the directional keys)

? = sprint (while Lara is running forward, hold down "?" to make her sprint. A separate power bar for the sprint appears on-screen)

TWIST JUMP = Press ALT + the Up Directional key to jump forwards then immediately press the down directional key to make Lara twist in midair. This can also be used to make Lara twist in midair while jumping backwards.

< = LIGHT FLARE (same button makes Lara throw the flare)

This is a demo. You may experience some problems trying to run it on your particular system.

* There are a few sound issues still being finalized prior to the game's release.

* You may find an item or two that Lara cannot pickup. This is a bug and will be fixed
on the final release.

WALKTHROUGH (Library demo)
From the start point Lara can combine the REVOLVER and the LASER SIGHT to shoot the heads off of the skeletons (or if she jumps down below they won't follow her) The NPC below will light the torches on the wall for Lara to see better. Go to the crank and use the CTRL key to raise the gate. When the gate is raised quickly run (or sprint) through it. Climb the ladder into the next area.

When you enter the next area run to the left and proceed to the last door. Use the CTRL key to make Lara push open the door. Run down the hallway into the big area. Kill the skeletons using the REVOLVER/LASER SIGHT combo and make your way to the right. You should see a pulley mechanism next to a gate. Using the REVOLVER/LASER SIGHT combo shoot the ball on the pulley device to open the door. Go through the door, kill the next skeleton and climb the pillar that will raise before you. From this pillar you can jump/grab a ledge and obtain the Gemstone from the wall (stand in front of it and use the CTRL key to see the new animations)

Run back into the main room (where the spike pit is) and find the small block up against the back wall. Climb this block and you'll notice a switch up on the wall. Lara needs to jump and grab this switch to raise the pillars so she can climb out of this area. Climb out of the area and go into the next room. Near the stairway out you'll notice a gate to your left. Use the Gemstone next to the gate to open it. Go inside and pick up the next puzzle piece.

Go down the stairs and push open the next set of doors. You'll notice you're on the 2nd level now. Run to the opposite side and push open the last set of doors. Go through the gate. You'll notice some plywood nailed in front of an opening. You can shoot out this wood to pickup the goodies inside. Walk into the main part of the room and you'll notice 2 flame spells will start chasing Lara. As soon as they appear run (sprint!) down the hallway and jump into the water. The flame spells will chase Lara into the water and extinguish themselves. Climb out of the water and push/pull the black/orange vase onto the black/orange tile in the corner of the room. Doing this will open the gate. Lara can now pick up the other half of the item she picked up earlier. Go into your inventory and combine the 2 halves into the Owl Coin.

Go back into the main room, shoot both the vases w/ the REVOLVER/LASER SIGHT COMBO and get the pickups. Use the Owl Coin to open the gate and finish the demo.
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