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3dfx VoodooTV Series

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Historical 3dfx product line that includes the TV tuners VoodooTV 100 PCI, VoodooTV 200 PCI, and VoodooTV FM.

3dfx VoodooTV 100 PCI

Up to this point, the combination of TV and the PC has been less than satisfying. Difficult product installation, skimpy feature sets and less-than-perfect image quality have conspired to keep TV far from the computer desktop. But now, the VoodooTV 100 PCI changes all of that. Brought to you by 3dfx, the company who has redefined visual quality and performance on the PC, the VoodooTV 100...


3dfx VoodooTV 200 PCI

The VoodooTV 200 PCI bridges the gap between the PC and the Home Entertainment System. This powerful multimedia solution delivers sharp, clear television and FM stereo reception, coupled with a vast array of video and audio features, transforming the PC into a mini home entertainment center. Built around the MicroTuner, a state-of-the-art, silicon based TV-Tuner-on-a-Chip, The VoodooTV 200...


3dfx VoodooTV FM

Bring the world of TV and video accented with Web content to your PC. DesktopTV is compatible with Windows 95 and Windows 98 to allow you to take full advantage of new and exciting features available, such as WebTV for Windows and WaveTop by WavePhore that utilize embedded data in video (VBI). Video can be viewed in a resizeable window or full screen. DesktopTV is a 125 channel, cable ready tuner...


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