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 05.08.2005   MSI 945P Platinum Motherboard, Dual Core Power & DTS Digital Audio

Full Title: The Only Choice to Dual Core Power & DTS Top Digital Audio Quality Experience

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MSI has launched the latest 945P Platinum Deluxe motherboard. This world-class product, aimed at home market, supports Dual Core processor and comes with built-in DTS sound effect and next-generation dynamic overclocking to fulfill the need of players for ultimate performance and taste.

Experience the Dual Core power of MSI 945P Platinum
The all-new 945P Platinum motherboard uses Intelís latest 945P chipset which targets the mainstream market. It comes with top ICH7R south bridge chipset, which utilizes Intelís latest P4 LGA775 processor design and can work with Intelís 800MHz FSB and 1066MHz FSB processor (including Pentium D, P4EE, Pentium 4 8xx, 5xx, 6xx and Celeron D). Users, thus, can enjoy top power at low costs. And the memory, which is of the same class as 955X chipset, uses dual channel DDR2 667 memory improving the performance considerably compared to previous DDR400 and DDR2 533.

The 945P Platinum motherboard comes with complete expansion capabilities such as one PCI Express 16X display card interface and two sets of PCI Express 1X interface to provide better flexibility. The 945P Platinum is the worldís first motherboard that offers DTS surround sound effect and completely meets the DTS specifications. For example, computer digital audio signals can be real-time converted to high-fidelity 7.1 channel effect. Also, 2-channel audio like MP3 and CD can be converted to a sound effect simulating 7.1 channel surround sound. This provides a more realistic listening experience to digital family. Whatís more, complete input and output jacks fully support all kinds of digital music production.

ICH7R is built with the newest SATA2 high-speed hard drive interface. With Intelís Matrix RAID technology, 4 sets of SATA2 jacks, RAID 0/1/0+1 support, superb RAID 5 disk array, and the RAID 0+1 technology requiring only 3 hard drives to complete what traditionally only at least 4 hard drives can do. Therefore, high-capacity, high-efficiency, and complete back up functionalities are achieved. As to IDE interface, in addition to the built-in IDE slot, VIAís RAID chipset is added to provide two additional IDE slots capable of installing 4 hard disks or disc drives. Plus, the disk array of RAID 0, 1, 0+1 or JBOD makes 945P Platinumís storage capacity close to the server class.

The ICH7R also supports external SATA interface. So, just through an external connector, users can use external e-SATA products, which are more convenient and practical than SCSI in those days and will be the best high-speed connection interface for all types of storage media in the future.

The 945P Platinum lets users fully enjoy the fun of overclocking. Thanks to the MSI RD effort, an all-new dynamic overclocking function is introduced by dynamically enhancing the frequency and performance of CPU FSB, memory and PCI-Express. When system load is heavy, performance will be automatically increased to the performance figure that the user sets. Maximum 115% can be increased to provide the user a brand-new overclocking experience.

Strict MSI Product Test Assurance
The MSI motherboard is made from the best design and quality to ensure its high performance and durability. The MSI 945P Platinum motherboard adopts 5-phase PWM circuit design and thus provides higher power circuit and more upgrade flexibility for the processor. Plus, the north bridge power circuit uses high-quality Japanese capacitors, making the motherboard powerful and durable. In addition, the MSI motherboard offers multiple module support and strict testing control over memory compatibility and optimization.

Because the best DDR2 667 memory structure is adopted, verifications of different memory modules from various makers are conducted to ensure the best product compatibility and the most stable quality. MSI provides memory module compatibility lists on the MSI web site, ranging from the newest 945P Platinum to other previously released ones, in order to provide the most correct and complete information. Of course, the lists might not entirely cover the countless memory modules available in the market. But, these lists already provide rich information and represent MSIís focus on products and care for the users.

Only the Latest and the Top Hardware Specification
MSI 945P Platinum motherboard, the top in Intel 945 series, supports the latest P4 processor. The Dual Core processor increases system performance by 10% to 50%. Related applications also provide more complete support and better performance. Memory uses dual channel DDR2 667, which increases system performance by at least 20% and the room for overclocking. As long as the best memory modules are used, memory performance can be enhanced easily and 945P Platinum motherboard can be pushed to the limit.

As to the display card interface, the currently hottest PCI Express x16 is used, which provides a bandwidth nearly 4 times larger than traditional AGP 6X. When the latest display card product is used, superb 3D performance can be reached to process all kinds of high-level 3D graphics. In addition, 2-set of PCI Express x1 expansion interface let the user upgrade to more expansion cards and functionalities. Plus, the network connection utilizes Intel Gigabit high-speed Ethernet network interface. If Gigabit exchanger (or same class network product) is added, the local area network bandwidth can be upgraded to the enterprise level and thus, enhances the efficiency of file exchange.

The all-new 3rd generation DOT Express Dynamic Overclock Technology
A unique feature of MSI motherboard has been completely integrated into 945P Platinum. The 3rd generation DOT Express Technology adds a new PCI-Express overclock feature to let the system increases CPU FSB, memory, and PCI-Express clock at the same time when DOT dynamic overclock is opened. Within the safety range, performance can be improved up to 15% to fully experience the sensation of safe overclock. Also, to provide the system with a better performance at the best time, a unique detection technology of CPU circuit and PWM power circuit switch is used. This can detect CPU loading within an extremely short period of time (1ns only) and can instantly enable the overclock mechanism together with a built-in circuit protection design to avoid CPU overloading. DOT dynamic overclock effect is reached with high safety to ensure userís investment in the system.

Ultimate DTS Surround Sound Effect
The 945P Platinum not only has the superb operation performance support for excellent visual enjoyment, but also emphasizes on listening enjoyment by providing the only motherboard available in the market that has DTS surround sound effect. ACí97 audio decoding chipset produces high-fidelity 7.1 channel sound effect better than DOLBY. The DTS surround sound effect on 945P Platinum completely meets the DTS specification and can encode digital audio signals from computer games and software to high-fidelity 7.1 channel sound effect. With PC speakers or external home high-level audio system supporting DTS, ultimate stereo surround sound is produced. In addition, the general 2-channel sound effect such as MP3, CD, and videos can be simulated to a 7.1 channel sound effect to meet the highest demand for audio.

SafeBIOS design
The SafeBIOS design can automatically load backup BIOS data after system startup failure. When system instability or even failed startup (due to excessive overclock use or BIOS firmware upgrade failure) occurs, or when a startup virus attacks, MSIís exclusive CoreCell control chip comes with the SafeBIOS technology to provide safe original backup BIOS data function. Thus, user can reset the BIOS data without any fear of damaging the motherboard.

Communication Slot
A proprietary communication slot with MSIís exclusive optimization design for PCI interface improvement. In addition to all the functionalities that a common PCI interface has, dual wireless network interface is supplied. As long as the user buys MSIís dual-band wireless network card and install it to the orange PCI interface with communication slot, the user can use 802.11g application, as well as simple and convenient wireless Bluetooth communication function. These two are the mainstream communication protocols. ABC lets the user easily have this wireless system through a simple upgrade procedure and makes the top-class PC platform instantly become a center for digital information and audio/video entertainment sharing.

Best Dual-Core platform in MSI 945P/G series
MSI have 4 models with 945P/G Neo Series, comes with 945P Neo Platinum, 945P Neo, 945G Neo Platinum, and 945G Neo, designed for different needed and market, the best performance Dual-Core platform with high end DTS quality 7.1 channel audio, brought to you the best performance and user experience, only in MSI 945P/G series.

Source: MSI Press Release

Tags: 945p  |  audio  |  core  |  motherboard  |  msi  |  platinum


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