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 3dfx Channel   3dfx Technology Demos   Page 1 

Complete historical collection of all technology demos created and published by 3dfx in order to show off capabilities of its video cards when run software able to use fully their features at hardware level. At last but not least, these demos absolutely require only genuine 3dfx hardware to run.

ATBTVLa demo ATBTV è stata progettata per mostrare textures animate e stili di illuminazione semplici. ATBTV carica i file 3DF presenti nella sottocartella "movie" e li visualizza sulla TVo. ATBTV è stato sviluppata da 3dfx per Voodoo1 ma può essere utilizzato anche con schede più recenti, dalla Voodoo2 alla Voodoo5 (in modalità a chip singolo). ATBTV richiede il kit Arcade Tool Box (ATB) Runtime Drivers come prerequisito. La dimensione di questo file è pari a circa 6.34 MB.
Technology demo ATBTV was designed to show off animated textures and simple lighting styles. By default, ATBTV loads all of the 3DF files found in subfolder named "movie" and displays them on the TV in numerical order. ATBTV was developed by 3dfx for Voodoo1 but it can be enjoyed also with newer cards from Voodoo2 to Voodoo5 (in this case you must configure the card in single chip mode). ATBTV requires the Arcade Tool Box (ATB) Runtime Drivers as prerequisite. Size of this file is about 6.34MB.ATBTV

 ATS Flip
ATS FlipATS Flip è una demo tecnologica che renderizza modelli di diversi formati di file, tra cui 3ds (3Dstudio R4), 3Dfx Binary Object file (.bof) e 3Dfx Radiosity Model (.rad). ATS Flip richiede il kit Arcade Tool Box (ATB) Runtime Drivers come prerequisito per funzionare con una vasta gamma di schede video 3dfx (da Voodoo1 a Voodoo5), mentre la sua dimensione è pari a circa 1.89MB.
ATS Flip is a technology demo that "flips" models of several different file formats, including 3ds (3Dstudio R4), 3Dfx Binary Object file (.bof), and 3Dfx Radiosity Model (.rad). ATS Flip requires Arcade Tool Box (ATB) Runtime Drivers as prerequisite to run with a wide range of 3dfx cards (from Voodoo1 to Voodoo5), while its size is about 1.89MB.ATS Flip

BorgDemo (600kb) usata dai programmatori 3dfx per approfondire le tecniche di utilizzo delle texture.
With this demo the users can modify real-time the graphics rendering. So this application has been used also by 3dfx code developers to undertand the management and usage of textures with the 3dfx chips. Size of this demo is about 600KB.Borg

 Demo 60-30
Demo 60-30La demo (200kb) illustra i benefici che si ottengono al crescere dell' fps: in particolare si concentra l' attenzione tra i casi in cui si misurano 30 e 60 fps.
This technology demo highlights the advantages related to the frame rate. More in detail, this one compares two scenaries where the graphics scene is rendered at 30fps in a case and at 60fps in the other. The size of this demo is about 200KB.Demo 60-30

DemoroomDemoroom è una demo tecnologica progettata per mostrare multi-pass projected textures (immagini monocromatiche, a colori reali e animate) e trame ad altissima frequenza. Demoroom evidenzia anche l'importanza di mip mapping e bilinear filtering. Questa demo richiede Arcade Tool Box (ATB) Runtime Drivers e supporta le schede video 3dfx (dalla Voodoo1 alla Voodoo5, anche se quest'ultima deve essere configurata in modalità a chip singolo). Demoroom ha una dimensione pari a circa 5.54MB.
Demoroom is a technology demo designed to show off multi-pass projected textures (mono color images, true color images, and animated images) as well as very high frequency textures. Demoroom highlights also the importance of mip mapping and bilinear filtering. This demo requires Arcade Tool Box (ATB) Runtime Drivers as prerequisite to run with a wide range of 3dfx cards (from the Voodoo1 to the Voodoo5, also if this board must be configured in single chip mode). Size of this file is about 5.54MB.Demoroom

 Donut for Linux
Donut for LinuxVersione Linux della demo tecnologica Donut per schede Voodoo 3dfx. Se desideri leggere ulteriori informazioni, fai riferimento alla descrizione di questa demo per Windows. La dimensione di questo file è pari a circa 841KB.
Linux version of technology demo Donut for 3dfx Voodoo cards. If you like to read additional info, please refer to the description of this demo for Windows. Size of this file is about 841KB.Donut for Linux

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