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 3dfx Historical Assets | Official Videogame Demos | Download Formula 1 Demo
This demo of Formula 1 videogame for Windows 95 features two tracks from the seventeen available in the full product. Formula 1 Official Screenshot [1/2] The game - developed by Bizarre Creations and published by Psygnosis - also includes 35 real drivers and 13 teams, with official F1 statistics and specifications. Formula 1 Official...
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 Slitta di 7 mesi il rilascio di S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 per ulteriore testing e tuning
GSC Game World, l'organizzazione che si sta occupando dello sviluppo del first-person shooter, intriso di elementi di survival horror, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl, e inoltre publisher del medesimo titolo, ha condiviso un comunicato dal quale si evince che il rilascio del prodotto stato posticipato. Pi in dettaglio, GSC Game World...
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 3dfx Historical Assets | Official Videogame Demos | Download Need for Speed II
With this demo of Need for Speed II SE you can put the brand new Ferrari 355 F1 through it's paces on the beautiful new Mexican track in 3Dfx for eye watering frame rate and hyper-smooth graphics. All that is required to install this demo is run the self-extracting archive file. In order to run the demo, Direct X 5.0 or greater is required....
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 3dfx Historical Assets | Official Videogame Demos | Download Moto Racer GP Demo
Released by Delphine in 1997, Moto Racer GP is an arcade motorcycle racing game with little pretense toward simulation. There are eighttracks in all, from street courses to dirt tracks, and when you're sick of them,you can drive them in reverse. Multiplayer options include modem and null-modem for two players, and an eight-player LAN option...
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 3dfx Historical Assets | Official Videogame Demos | Download Unreal Tournament
Latest Unreal Tournament demo developed by Epic Games & Digital Extremes, and distributed by GT Interactive in 1999. Unreal Tournament is literally a game changer for whole PC gaming industry. This product has been able to overperform respect to any competitors for both gameplay and visual quality of its graphics. Unreal Tournament features...
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