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Edited by Giacomo Usiello, 30/08/2020

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3dfxzone.it is an informative web resource focused on the most relevant topics related to hardware and software components in computing systems, and gaming in the Microsoft Windows environment.

The online debut of 3dfxzone.it is temporally placed in the early part of 2001, following the closure[1] of the US graphics chip and video card manufacturer known as 3dfx Interactive (hereinafter also referred to briefly as 3dfx).

Driven by an incredible passion, which united all members of the team, from the founder to the developers, including alpha and beta testers, and moderators of web communities, the 3dfxzone.it website quickly became a must-visit destination for owners of video cards (Voodoo Rush, Banshee, Voodoo3, Voodoo4, and Voodoo5) and graphic accelerators (Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo2) marketed by 3dfx during their business operations.

And, as time passed, the 3dfxzone.it website became not only a primary source of information for 3dfx users but also for enthusiasts of the 3dfx brand and gaming in general, a reference resource in the international web for downloading updates, drivers, patches, utilities, and graphic libraries, as it was responsible for continuous publication of news, multimedia assets, and software updates on one hand, and for providing free online support through its Italian[2] and English[3] discussion forums on the other hand.

Over almost more than (updated on 07/24/2021) twenty years since the website's launch, it becomes increasingly evident that, in addition to passion, the strong synergy between the working group and end-users has represented the main key to the success of 3dfxzone.it. And the strength that has allowed the achievement of the website's objectives (in this regard, we refer you to the next paragraph dedicated to the History of 3dfxzone.it).

The 3dfxzone.it Logo

Which, in the microcosm revolving around the name of 3dfx Interactive, means enabling the use of gaming-oriented graphic hardware, specifically from the Voodoo2 graphics accelerators launched in 1998 to the Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 video cards introduced in 2000, with operating systems and video games released during the first decade of the 2000s, never officially supported by the manufacturer and, in most cases, not by the software houses that developed the video game titles. In fact, both for the mentioned operating systems and video games, 3dfx inevitably did not have time to make official updates available, such as drivers and patches, respectively, necessary to achieve compatibility with their hardware.

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