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Unboxing Trust Lance GXT 242 | Streaming microphone for mainstream users

26.12.2020 - Unboxing Trust Lance GXT 242 | Streaming microphone for mainstream users

Trust Lance GXT 242 is a USB streaming microphone with condenser sensor type and tripod that features a high precision unidirectional cardioid recording pattern.

This device is useful to complete tasks - at beginner level but with interesting quality - oriented to streaming, podcasting, voice-overs and acoustic music. Trust Lance GXT 242 works with -45dB sensitivity.

According to manufacturer, its frequency response is abile to cover range from 20Hz to 20000Hz, while the sampling rate and signal-to-noise ratio are equal respectively to 16-bit/48kHz and 70dB. Beyond the tripod, you can find in the Trust Lance GXT 242 bundle a USB 180cm long cable and a pop filter (microphone cover).

This device supports noise reduction but no echo cancellation feature, and is fully compatibile with notebook and desktop PCs feturing Operating Sistems Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Windows as well as gaming consoles, including PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


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