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AMD lancia due processori Opteron EE in architettura Shanghai

23.04.2009 - AMD lancia due processori Opteron EE in architettura Shanghai

Con il comunicato stampa di seguito allegato, AMD ha annunciato due nuovi processori Opteron EE quad-core a 45nm. I nuovi chip, al pari di tutti quelli della gamma EE, sono "efficienti dal punto di vista energetico", ovvero sono caratterizzati da valori molto bassi della potenza assorbita, pur essendo orientati alla realizzazione di data center e al web hosting, e dunque ad ambiti complessi.

Le nuove cpu sono siglate Opteron 2373 EE e Opteron 2377 EE; sono basate sull'architettura "Shanghai" e vantano una frequenza di clock pari rispettivamente a 2.1GHz e 2.3GHz per core. La cache di terzo livello o L3 pari a 6MB in entrambi i casi.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - April 22, 2009 - Rushing in a new era of power efficiency, AMD (NYSE: AMD) today introduced the 45nm Quad-Core AMD Opteron EE processor with AMDs lowest x86 quad-core server power band. The new 40W ACP processor is designed for very dense data center environments such as those built for cloud computing, web serving, or other highly dense environments. It offers a full suite of virtualization and power management capabilities so customers do not have to compromise on feature sets in order to deploy very low power servers.

"Adding the 40 watt EE power band to the Quad-Core AMD Opteron line-up helps our customers achieve maximum value for their unique data center needs across the board," said Patrick Patla, vice president and general manager, Server Workstation Business, AMD. "The EE processor is ideal for cloud computing environments, which demand both extreme energy efficiency and a balanced system that can handle high transactional demands."

The Quad-Core AMD Opteron EE processor adds significant power efficiency improvements over the Quad-Core AMD Opteron HE processor within the same platform with a 13 percent reduction in platform-level power consumption and up to a 14 percent reduction in processor power at idle. At the same performance level, the new EE processor delivers up to 62 percent improved performance-per-watt over the previous generation. [AMD Opteron processor Model 2377 EE (SPECpower_ssj2008 overall 1088 ssj_ops/watt, 342,240 ssj_ops at 192W @ 100% target load) compared to AMD Opteron processor Model 2381 HE (SPECpower_ssj2008 overall 1037 ssj_ops/watt, 359,007 ssj_ops at 220W @ 100% target load) and AMD Opteron processor Model 2377 EE ("Shanghai") (SPECpower_ssj2008 overall 1129 ssj_ops/watt, 340,801 ssj_ops at 185W @ 100% target load) compared to AMD Opteron processor Model 2356 ("Barcelona") ( SPECpower_ssj2008 overall 697 ssj_ops/watt, 301,617 ssj_ops at 278W @ 100% target load)]

AMD also announced new, high performing processors available in the HE, standard, and SE power bands, as well as support for HyperTransport 3 technology and a new fine-tuning feature called AMD Core Select, which enables IT managers to turn off one or more cores, helping them to fine tune their hardware for their specific operating conditions and workloads.

News Source: AMD Press Release

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