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Ati: primo chip 3d per cellulari

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09.01.2004 - Ati: primo chip 3d per cellulari
ATI Technologies porterÓ la sua esperienza nei processori 3D
(PC, notebook e console) anche su telefoni cellulari grazie
al nuovo IMAGEON(TM) 2300.

IMAGEON(TM) 2300, appositamente studiato per la telefonia
cellulare, avrÓ le seguenti caratteristiche:

- Advanced 2D and 3D graphics;
- MPEG 4 decode with real-time video playback at 30-fps and low
power consumption
- Video Capture Ports with support for high resolution camera
sensors (1.3M and 2M pixels)
- JPEG CODEC to compress and decompress images to be either
saved in memory and printed or shared wirelessly by the
camera phone user
- Many other features such as two display engines (primary and
sub-display) and embedded frame buffer.

L' IMAGEON(TM) 2300 sarÓ distribuito nel primo quartale 2004 e sarÓ
presentato all'International CES 2004 a Las Vegas

Ati Press Release

International CES 2004, Las Vegas

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