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Release Notes | PuTTY 0.77

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PuTTY 0.77
  • Major improvements to network proxy support:
    • Support for interactively prompting the user if the proxy server requires authentication.
    • Built-in support for proxying via another SSH server, so that PuTTY will SSH to the proxy and then automatically forward a port through it to the destination host. (Similar to running plink -nc as a subprocess, but more convenient to set up, and allows you to answer interactive prompts presented by the proxy.)
    • Support for HTTP Digest authentication, when talking to HTTP proxies.
  • Introduced pterm.exe, a PuTTY-like wrapper program for Windows command prompts (or anything else running in a Windows console). Not yet included in the installer, but available as a .exe file from the Download page.
  • Updated Unicode and bidi support to Unicode 14.0.0.
  • New command-line option -pwfile, like -pw except that it reads the password from a file so that it doesn't show up on the command line.
  • Windows Pageant: option --openssh-config to allow easy interoperation with Windows's ssh.exe.
  • -pw (and -pwfile) now do not fall back to interactively prompting for a password if the provided password fails. (That was the original intention.)
  • New configuration options for keyboard handling:
    • Option to control handling of Shift + arrow keys
    • Extra mode in the function-keys option, for modern xterm (v216 and above).
  • Bug workaround flag to wait for the server's SSH greeting before sending our own, for servers (or proxies) that lose outgoing data before seeing any incoming data.
  • Crypto update: added side-channel resistance in probabilistic RSA key generation.
  • Crypto update: retired the use of short Diffie-Hellman exponents (just in case).
  • Bug fix: reconfiguring remote port forwardings more than once no longer crashes.
  • Bug fix: terminal output processing is now paused while handling a remote-controlled terminal resize, so that the subsequent screen redraw is interpreted relative to the new terminal size instead of the old.
  • Bug fix: Windows PuTTYgen's mouse-based entropy collection now handles high-frequency mice without getting confused.
  • Bug fix: Windows Pageant can now handle large numbers of concurrent connections without hanging or crashing.
  • Bug fix: if Windows Pageant is started multiple times simultaneously, the instances should reliably agree on one of them to be the persistent server.
  • Bug fix: remote-controlled changes of window title are now interpreted according to the configured character set.
  • Bug fix: remote-controlled changes of window title no longer get confused by UTF-8 characters whose encoding includes the byte 0x9C (which terminates the control sequence in non-UTF-8 contexts).
  • Bug fix: popping up the window context menu in the middle of a drag-select now no longer leaves the drag in a stuck state.
  • Bug fix: extensive use of true colour in the terminal no longer slows down window redraws unnecessarily.
  • Bug fix: when PSCP reports the server sending a disallowed compound pathname, it correctly reports the replacement name it's using for the downloaded file.
  • Bug fix: enabling X11 forwarding in psusan failed to fall back through possible port numbers for the forwarded X display.
  • For developers: migrated the build system to CMake, removing the old idiosyncratic and the autotools system.
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