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Release Notes

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Notepad++ 8.2.1
  • Fix regression of loaded session being empty on exit. (Fix #10986)

  • Add Find/Replace text swap button in Find replace dialog. (Fix #6010)

  • Add an option for inserting auto-completion selection to fix hitting twice ENTER to go to next line. (Fix #4799, #4631, #8389, #10915)

  • Fix installer x64 not detected the previous installation location. (Fix #7946)

  • Add copy name/path commands to DocList and Edit menu. (Fix #10394)

  • Fix Recent Files List not revised issue after "Save As" command. (Fix #10946)

  • Fix Windows 11 detected wrongly issue in "Debug information". (Fix #11011)

  • Fix "Save As" command cannot be used as "Save" issue. (Fix #10965)

  • Fix visual glitch regression of fg/bg color disabling. (Fix #11051)

  • Fix wrong keywords (of preprocessor in C) highlighting in Java. (Fix #11026)

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