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Release Notes

* change: plugin "Options Editor" was replaced with "Options Editor Lite", written by @Shovel. You must reassign hotkey to the new plugin, if such a hotkey exists. New plugin is more lite and much easier to maintain.
+ add: incremental search in the Find dialog works more like in Sublime now (thanks @xcme, @tmsg)
+ add: handle file-save errors (resulting file is empty) on smb shares on Linux (thanks @mdsystems)
+ add: command "ui: toggle file-change notifications" (thanks @ertank)
+ add: Linux gtk2 version has improved IME support (patch by @rasberryrabbit)
+ add: floating bottom/side panels now have 'stay on top' style (thanks @Shovel)
+ add: lexer C++: better code-tree; support all kinds if C++11 strings
+ add: lexer YAML fixes
- fix: without bookmarks, 'go to next bookmark' hangs (thanks @rayhester)
- fix: regression: crash on pressing Tab in the Snippets' plugin dialog (thanks @sigzero)
- fix: regression: Find dialog cannot scroll to the search result, in huge line in word-wrap mode
- fix: single-instance default was not changed to 'true' for Windows (thanks @JairoMartinezA)
- fix: flickering in CudaExt plugin commands with option "dim_unfocused" (thanks @kvichans)
- fix: auto-reloading cannot reload paired file, when ui-tab is splitted (thanks @Shovel)
- fix: minor API issues (thanks @Shovel, @OlehL)
- fix: stability of multi-threaded parser

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