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Release Notes | USB Device Tree Viewer 3.4.1

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In this page we post the official release notes and changelogs related to USB Device Tree Viewer 3.4.1, if and as software developers make available these. However, if you need more info on USB Device Tree Viewer 3.4.1, or relases notes are not available yet, you can always consider to read its description as well.

USB Device Tree Viewer 3.4.1
  • Bugfix: Child devices sorted by device id instead of kernel name, at least for devices the author came across with this leads to better sorting, e.g. for COM ports
  • Bugfix: TreeView's context menu did not work on negative mouse coordinates (on screens left of the main screen)
  • New: Shows a summary with the most interesting information
  • New: Can shows sum of used endpoints of all devices attached to a root-hub in the tree-view
  • New: Remembers which ports have ever operated at SuperSpeedPlus (because so far there is no way to request the capability)
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