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Release Notes | Notepad++ 7.9.1

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Notepad++ 7.9.1
Notepad++ v7.9.1 Enhancements & bug-fixes:
  • Fix NUL file-corruption bug after Windows shutdown brutally (Fix #6133).
  • Fix inaccurate URL detection by replacing a new URL parser (Fix #3912, #3353, #4643, #5029, #6155, #7791, #8634)
  • Fix RegEx look behind operations and \A and and \b and \z (Fix #713, #1870, #2216, #2360, #9004, #4855).
  • Split functionList.xml into multifile in "functionList" Folder (Implement #4896).
  • Make tray icon work again in administrator mode (Fix #8528).
  • Fix dialogs & floating dockable panels donít minimize to system tray issue (Fix #9044, #8928).
  • Add alternative icon set for tab bar (Implement #8068).
  • Add ability to remove any duplicate lines in a document, keeping the first occurrence (Fix #8965).
  • Fix incorrect icon for monitoring status in Document list panel and in Document switcher (Fix #8783).
  • Add copy marked text & styled text to clipboard commands to menu (Implement #8943, #6095).
  • Fix find-all-open-docs not finding all matches in ANSI files (Fix #8901).
  • Display long lines better in Find-result panel by increasing its max length to 2048 (Fix #7723).
  • Fix double clicking on find result line not working (Fix #9009, #8525).
  • Fix Find-result rclick-Copy incomplete data bug (Fix #8801).
  • Add case insensitive lines sorting (Implement #4479).
  • Add "Open Containing Folder as Workspace" command in main menu and in context menu of tabs (Implement #3028).
  • Enhance Sel info of status bar (Fix #8524).
  • Add new option for save type of normal text files in Save dialog (Fix #8866).
  • Fix file path truncated issue in save confirmation dialog (Fix #8812).
  • Fix auto-Indent not working for PowerShell (Fix #9049).
  • Allow setting of background color for bookmark margin (Fix #8833).
  • Fix smart-highlighting not applying to cloned view (Fix #7910).
  • Fix smart highlight issue related to EOF (Fix #8908).
  • Fix closing file in 2nd view not removed from Doc Switcher (Fix #8800).
  • Add Delete keystroke to remove selected root from Folder as Workspace (Fix #8960).
  • Add TAB keystroke in Function List to switch between search field and list (Fix #8665).
  • Add ESC keystroke in Function List to switch to edit window (Fix #8886).
  • Add ESC keystroke to close Search Results Window (Implement #2946).
  • Fix data-prefixed attributes are not recognized in HTML (Fix #6200).
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