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Release Notes

SciTE (SCIntilla) 4.3.3
  • Released 27 April 2020.
  • Added Visual Studio project files for Lexilla and Scintilla with no lexers.
  • Add methods for iterating through the marker handles and marker numbers on a line: SCI_MARKERHANDLEFROMLINE and SCI_MARKERNUMBERFROMLINE. Feature #1344.
  • Assembler lexers asm and as can change comment character with property. Feature #1314.
  • Fix brace styling in Batch lexer so that brace matching works. Bug #1624, Bug #1906, Bug #1997, Bug #2065.
  • Change Perl lexer to style all line ends of comment lines in comment line style. Previously, the last character was in default style which made the characters in \r\n line ends have mismatching styles. Bug #2164.
  • When a lexer has been set with SCI_SETILEXER, fix SCI_GETLEXER and avoid sending SCN_STYLENEEDED notifications.
  • On Win32 fix handling Japanese IME input when both GCS_COMPSTR and GCS_RESULTSTR set.
  • With Qt on Win32 add support for line copy format on clipboard, compatible with Visual Studio. Bug #2167.
  • On Qt with default encoding (ISO 8859-1) fix bug where '' (Micro Sign) case-insensitively matches '?' Bug #2168.
  • On GTK with Wayland fix display of windowed IME. Bug #2149.
  • For Python programs, SciTE defaults to running python3 on Unix and pyw on Windows which will run the most recently installed Python in many cases. Set the "python.command" property to override this. Scripts distributed with Scintilla and SciTE are checked with Python 3 and may not work with Python 2.
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