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Hard Disk Sentinel Standard 5.40.4 beta
  • added support of HighPoint NVMe RAID controllers: detect NVMe RAID array members, complete self-monitoring status of NVMe M.2 SSDs managed by HighPoint NVMe RAID controllers.
  • support of HighPoint SSD7101A-1 NVMe RAID controller
  • completely redesigned HighPoint SATA/SAS RAID controller support: better detection of RAID array configuration, logical/physical disk drives, improved status detection and reporting with HighPoint SATA/SAS RAID controllers
  • improved support of eSATA / USB multi-drive hard disk enclosures in port multiplier (non-RAID) mode
  • improved compatibility with ICY BOX IB-RD3640SU3
  • improved lifetime writes on various Samsung SATA SSDs
  • improved health display on Kingston SA400M8120G SSD
  • added support of various Apacer SATA SSDs
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