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Release Notes

Passmark BurnInTest Professional 9.0 build 1005
  • Added logging of DX12 error string when available
  • Changed time/duty cycle entry on dashboard so values are saved when losing focus, not just on enter keypress
  • Changed default network test settings to be error ratio of 0.1% instead of each single missing packet
  • Made the test preferences dialog a bit smaller
  • Added AVX/AVX2/FMA3/FMA4 settings to SETCPU script command
  • Fixed a bug in the CPU test where if just the AVX/AVX2/FMA3/FMA4 instructions were selected then the test would not perform any operations
  • Fixed a bug in the endpoint.exe (advanced network test) not updating the current ethernet statistics while a test was running
  • Fixed incorrect logging test name for TPM
  • Fixed a bug when removing advanced network test from tileview, would still be present in list view on dashboard
  • Fixed a bug when trying to remove the advanced network test using the remove link in list view on dashboard
  • Fixed a bug with the text not drawing correctly for the Advanced network test dashboard tile when a test was running
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