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Release Notes

ScreenToGif 2.10
What's new?
  • The app and the installer are now digitally signed! You should see my name (Nicke Manarin) on the properties of the files.
  • Redesigned screen/window/area selection experience on the new recorder.
  • The app will ask before closing if there's anything being edited.
  • Added the option to save the project while saving a gif (by using the same filename).
Bug fixes:
  • For some users, clicking to stop the recording was crashing the recorder.
  • The "Insert recording" action was ignoring the option of using the new recorder UI.
  • Added support for images with ".jpeg" extension (same as .jpg that is supported already).
  • The app now remembers the last used position of the Watermark.
  • Pressing Esc wasn't closing the panel when the keyboard focus was inside the Free Drawing and Cinemagraph elements.
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