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Release Notes | SciTE 3.7.5

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SciTE 3.7.5
  • Released 26 May 2017.
  • Support dropped for Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 due to increased use of C++11 features.
  • Added a caret line frame as an alternative visual for highlighting the caret line.
  • Added "Reverse Selected Lines" feature.
  • SciTE adds "Select All Bookmarks" command.
  • SciTE adds a save.path.suggestion setting to suggest a file name when saving an unnamed buffer.
  • Updated case conversion and character categories to Unicode 9.
  • The Baan lexer recognizes numeric literals in a more compliant manner including hexadecimal numbers and exponentials.
  • The Bash lexer recognizes strings in lists in more cases. Bug #1944.
  • The Fortran lexer recognizes a preprocessor line after a line continuation &. Bug #1935.
  • The Fortran folder can fold comments. Bug #1936.
  • The PowerShell lexer recognizes escaped quotes in strings. Bug #1929.
  • The Python lexer recognizes identifiers more accurately when they include non-ASCII characters.
  • The Python folder treats comments at the end of the file as separate from the preceding structure.
  • The YAML lexer recognizes comments in more situations and styles a "..." line like a "---" line. Bug #1931.
  • Update scroll bar when annotations added, removed, or visibility changed. Feature #1187.
  • Canceling modes with the Esc key preserves a rectangular selection. Bug #1940.
  • Builds are made with a sorted list of lexers to be more reproducible. Bug #1946.
  • On Cocoa, a leak of mouse tracking areas was fixed.
  • On Cocoa, the autocompletion is 4 pixels wider to avoid text truncation.
  • On Windows, stop drawing a focus rectangle on the autocompletion list and raise the default list length to 9 items.
  • SciTE examines at most 1 MB of a file to automatically determine indentation for to avoid a lengthy pause when loading very large files.
  • SciTE user interface uses lighter colours and fewer 3D elements to match current desktop environments.
  • SciTE sets buffer dirty and shows message when file deleted if load.on.activate on.
  • SciTE on Windows Find strip Find button works in incremental no-close mode. Bug #1926.
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