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Release Notes

  • Google Drive: Switch to new Google Drive Ver 3 API, works faster, better quota management.
  • Google Drive: On File Change (File Monitoring) now works for Google Drive side too.
  • Change buffer size for most Remote file systems to 5 Mb, thus enabling Dropbox to OneDrive sync.
  • Add more checksum types used by servers: MD5, SHA, SHA-1, SHA-256, QuickXorHash, Version GUID.
  • BackBlaze B2: Implement large file uploads, do not use checksums, they are not available for large files.
  • GSTP Forwarder: speed up reconnects in case of connection errors.
  • Options Advanced: Compare Attrs/Owner/ACL: move these to Left/Right side options, from Advanced.
  • Options Advanced: Copy Owner, Copy ACL: separate them, as they indeed may be done separately.
  • Compare CheckSums side option: compare checksums only when size is the same, but file mod time differs.
  • Options Advanced: add option Compare CheckSums of All Files, this compare is done for all files.
  • Options Advanced: remove Retry Sync If File Changes options, as retries are already done in On File Change.
  • Options Auto: Have only Sync option for all Auto options, no Analyze option.
  • GetFileOwner: If we cannot translate SID to Domain\UserName then return SID text form as Owner.
  • Time Shifts: do not auto-resolve Left-Right time shifts, do it only for Old-New time shifts.
  • SyncLib: Remove operations CopyState_LtoR and CopyState_RtoL, use only symmetric CopyState operation.
  • Explorer: Speed up Download and Upload of Files in GSTP, use conveyerization.
  • Explorer: now listed as Ver 10, was Ver 9 previously.
  • On File Change, File Monitoring: Fix reported crash.
  • Unattended Runner: Clear Sync Tree to save memory, when we finish non-On File Change job.
  • Analyze Checks: Change Sym Links option to Ignore, if one of file systems does not support links.
  • Analyze Checks: turn off Copy Attributes, Copy ACL, Copy Owner, if one of file systems does not support it.
  • Upload to Control Center: add Company Admin credentials to Program Options -> Auto.
  • Upload to Control Center: add encryption of uploaded accounts option.
  • Updated RU, UA, PL localizations.
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