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Release Notes

Gimp 2.8.20
Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.8.18 to GIMP 2.8.20


- Avoid D-Bus error message when built without D-Bus support
- fix OS X min required conditional in gimpimagewindow.c
- Saving to existing and .xcf.gz files didn't truncate them and could lead to unnecessarily large files
- Text layer created by gimp-text-fontname doesn't respect border when resized
- avoid seeking when saving XCF files to prevent corruption with file network shares (fixed since 2014, but not mentioned in NEWS yet)


- Flow on Paint Dynamics editor dialog: the 'y' axis is indicating 'Rate' instead 'Flow'
- Vertical ruler shows artifacts if the status bar isn't showing
- Tablet stylus misbehaves when crossing the edge of a dock in multi-window-mode
- Disable the new "automatic window tabbing" feature introduced on macOS Sierra
- Improve the visiblity of slider handles with dark themes
- Make it harder to switch to renaming if selecting already selected items in resource lists

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