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Intel Data Migration Software 3.1
The Intel Data Migration Software copies your drive's contents from your old storage device to your new Intel Solid State Drive (Intel SSD).

Before using the Intel Data Migration Software, please review the Intel Data Migration Software User Guide for procedures and system requirements. Intel Data Migration Software requires at least one Intel SSD to be connected to the system.

At Install, if you encounter an error indicating your Intel SSD is not attached, run the idms_1041_workaround.exe (located in the downloaded .zip folder), and then attempt to install the Intel Data Migration Software again.

After you install your Intel SSD and the Intel Data Migration software, the software will detect both your old and new drives and guide you through the cloning process, that is, show you how to move all of your data from your older drive to your newer SSD. Before you begin, make sure the amount of data on your old drive does not exceed the size of your new SSD.

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